Managing Transformation Solutions (Pty) Ltd (MTS), proud partner of the 2016 Sustainability Summit.

This year’s summit is all about collaboration and ground-breaking solutions. “The idea of sustainability can imply there is one perfect, unchanging future, if only we could work out how to get there. Resilience might be more useful, in that it assumes a dynamic environment and that perfection is impossible. You need to design systems to accommodate failure rather than eliminate it. By trying to be perfect, many visions of sustainability are quite brittle.” – Author and Futurist Jamais Cascio

Summit 2016 seeks to look beyond the notion of a sustainable business towards a resilient business where there is a greater wealth for all stakeholders instead of just accumulated wealth for shareholders. We are excited about the fact that this platform can truly become a beacon of inspiration and bright, implementable ideas and strategies where captains of industry unite towards better business.

As part of the Day 1 programme there will be multiple cross industry and multi-stakeholder panel engagements. As a thought leader in the transformation and technology space, MTS will be hosting the Panel 3 discussion– Way of the Future: Social Transformation Resilience through Technology, sponsored by MTS. .

Summit 2016 is definitely the place to be for leaders who want to work together towards agile, inclusive and sustainable business.

September 27, 2016 | Raymano Venter

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