Mining Charter Season


Managing Transformation Solutions
We can help you reduce the usual reporting complexities with our proven Process methodologies and Technology to conquer any anticipated reporting blues.
With Insite, our social sustainability data management system’s transparent, auditable reports; we can assist you in streamlining cumbersome compliance reporting and improve your confidence in biographical, training and procurement data.
To show you how Insite simplifies your data management we have used the Mining Charter Procurement report.
Mining Charter Procurement Report with Graph
Our Data Matrix identifies data strengths and weaknesses at a glance.
Pic of Data Matrix
Drill down into data quality issues with a click, for detailed issue reports and suggested fixes.
Pic Data Matrix Drill Down
See what fixes are available for data with omissions or errors.
Pic 1 of Fixing Data Errors
Select the correct fix and update one or all data records with the corrected value.
Pic 2 of Fixing Data Errors
Further More:
1. Get access to expert advice from a team that has processed millions of records of compliance-related data over the last ten years.
2. Bootstrap your compliance reporting projects using our proven processes, technology, and expert personnel.
Take action now and request a short briefing to get you started on the easy road for compliance reporting.
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