MTS provides industry with a unique suite of affordable workplace communication materials, including posters, booklets, as well as awareness workshops.

This enables successful engagement with employees and other stakeholders on all matters of social transformation. These materials provide an invaluable reference tool for the workforce to ensure they are effectively educated and informed to improve the level of participation and engagement in all aspects of social transformation.

MTS can customise our products and provide strategic support to your organisation’s integrated communications programme, addressing your short or long term goals and achievements.

 New Educational Products: Workshops, Posters & Booklets


Get the most benefit out of your B-BBEE initiatives by communicating your policies on Skills Development, Preferential Procurement, and Enterprise & Supplier Development to your workforce.

Financial Fitness for the Workforce

Prepare your employees for financial fitness by providing education on personal financial independence. Outcomes include:

  • Managing finances responsibly
  • The importance of savings
  • Avoiding the debt trap
  • Personal financial attitude

Awareness Workshops

Our workshops educate employees and address specific risks, challenges, and stakeholder needs at the operational level. Topics include:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Procurement
  • Local Economic Development
  • Effective SLP implementation
  • Contractor compliance
  • Supplier & Enterprise Development
  • Risk identification
  • EXCO reporting
  • SLP compilation