Social and Labour Plan (SLP) Compilations
When it comes to SLP Compilations, clients can be guaranteed of a comprehensive and experienced service.
Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development
MTS has a proven track record of working with Suppliers and Entrepreneurs in local communities.
Stakeholder Engagement Strategies
A critical consideration of any exploration, pre-feasibility and feasibility activity is the engagement with local communities, land owners, local municipalities and Tribal Authorities (stakeholders).
Local Economic Development (LED)
Development initiatives have the greatest impact when they take place in partnership with communities..
Mining Charter Scorecard and Annual Reporting
Mining Charter Scorecard and Annual Reporting deadline dates are fast approaching. Don’t get caught unprepared!
Transformation Strategies
We don’t just tick the boxes, we assist our clients to go beyond compliance.
SLP Progress Reports and Section 102 Submissions
Our transformation advisors have years of experience in assisting mines with their SLP Progress Reports and Section 102 Submissions.
Social Economic Impact Assessments (SEIA)
We assist mines in the compilation of Socio-Economic Impact Assessments (SEIA), inclusive of a Socio-Economic Baseline Reports and risk mitigation measures, as part of their EIA and EMP application process.
Household Relocation Projects
Our expert team of Transformation Advisors specialise in the planning and implementation of the relocation process.