Companies around the world are required to report on their social impact (in South Africa that is Social and Labour Plan, Mining Charter Scorecard, BBBEE, Employment Equity), and you can only know your impact if you understand your data.

Richness and integrity of data informs better decisions, the ability to measure shared value, and understanding the permanent consequences of actions and activities.


Legislation like the Mining Charter in South Africa add additional requirements for ERP systems but ERP systems where not designed for it.

For many organisations, however, the systems and processes to collect and validate data are insufficient for accurate and reliable social sustainability reporting.

Too often, managers at remote facilities manually collect data and report on Excel spreadsheets. This leads to easy manipulation of data and difficulty in validating data sources down to the operational level. Bad data leads to inaccurate, even fraudulent, reporting.

Years of expertise in the mining sector (we have been writing and reporting on Social and Labour Plans for more than a decade) were built into the system to take the guesswork out of social sustainability.

With a social license to operate requiring constant attention, data integrity and reporting accuracy become critical strategic issues.

Insite Software


  • Improve data integrity and thus the quality of compliance reporting;
  • Interrogate data for systematic planning & decision-making
  • Utilise backbone repository of Transformation performance indicators for internal audit purposes
  • De-risk the business – decisions are made on auditable information
  • Trace data errors to the data source and highlighted
  • Automate data collection and reporting saves time and money
  • Streamline management, reporting, monitoring, and measuring of regulatory compliance
  • Enable standardisation of social sustainability best practice processes throughout the business across multiple projects
  • Consolidate data across business units
  • Extract data and process reports from legacy systems like SAP, Oracle, Buildsmart, JD Edwards, and even Excel spreadsheets through the Insite data integrity matrix

Why Insite?

Insite is a flexible, cloud-based social sustainability management platform. Originally designed for the mining industry, Insite manages and optimises regulatory compliance requirements and processes relating to Social and Labour Plans, Mining Charter, Other Industry Charters, B-BBEE, and Employment Equity. Insite is currently deployed in extractive industries, civil engineering, construction, as well as any firm with a social sustainability program.

Insite enables management to streamline the collection and validation of social sustainability data. The result is compliance reporting on social sustainability and transformation that is as reliable as the reporting out of accounting systems. Data is captured, measured, and managed across Human Resources, Training, Procurement, and Community Development.

As a centralised platform, the Insite solution ensures social sustainability is managed efficiently and effectively through the integration of transformation objectives and compliance requirements.



Introducing Insite

Why use Insite

  • Plan

    Set targets aligned to baseline reports for realistic goal achievement.

  • Implement

    Create implementation plans with budgets and KPI's to ensure achievement of goals within time and budgets.

  • Measure

    Within seconds of the first data upload, baseline reports indicate short falls for planning purposes.

  • Report

    Draw standard reports for common compliance scenarios and Report on Risk associated with the goals set.